Konsep Kurikulum

The concept of curriculum is BASIC SKILL+PLUS, meaning that the curriculum strengthen the standard undergraduate architecture skills/competencies as well as building special interest/knowledge as additional value for the students.


Basic Skill applied mainly in the first to fifth semester studios, while Plus Skills developed in the sixth and seventh semester thematic studios. Basic skills represent the 5+1 Competencies developed incrementally in the main topics of studios. The 5+1 Competencies are derived by simplifies the 51 ELO (16 Main Competencies, 22 Supportive Competencies, and 13 Unique Competencies).


All the 5+1 competencies spread across the first five semester, devising studio main themes/topics as trigger and structure for learning, i.e.: Aesthetics (Studio 1), Functions (Studio 2), Context (Studio 3), Structure and Building Utility (Studio 4), Comprehensive/Sustainability (studio 5).

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